Blood of Olympus

The Blood of Olympus - Rick Riordan




Oh my gosh I did it. I read this whole book in one day. Yes I cheated and listened to the audiobook during work, but it still counts! At 502 pages, this is by far the smallest of the series. Seriously, I was expecting a book the size of my head, but it's small; smaller than even The Son Of Neptune





Anyway, while I did like this book, it seemed to be the one with the least going on in it. It's the last book of the series, the book with the big battle against Gaia, and it lasts maybe a chapter or two. I don't know, I expected a book of battle like The Last Olympian had, but that's not what you're gonna get. It does have action in it for sure, one starts off in the first 5 chapters, but like I said, out of all the books I think this one had very little. 


What i've always found hard with his books though is the large amount of names to remember. This series was by far the worst in that department because unlike The Olympians, you have Roman names as well. Call me lazy, but I don't like to have to take notes to remember everyone. These books are for children so that surprises me, but it ain't no thing; I'll still be reading it, but there was no prophecy at the end which leads me to believe that the adventures with Percy are over.




But that ending,  man I was not expecting that. I'm totally going to talk about spoiler stuff here  so if you don't like it go away. Shoo. Go. 


I absolutely hated Octavian, as I'm sure most everyone did, and the way he went out, OH MY GOSH. It was so Wiley Coyote with his leg wrap in the rope of his missile thing.  And Nico just like "Nope we can't stop him from firing that, let's just let him do it" knowing full well that he would die. I was shocked by the boldness of it all. And then Leo sacrificing himself; of all people I did not expect to die nor wanted to die. I was a bit confused though because Hazel and Nico say he did die because they felt it, but he gets to go somewhere nice. He gets to meet up with Calypso. I was so happy about that though. 


Spoilers done


I am very happy that this book has finally made it's way out, but I am sad that the series is over. For about 8 or so years I have followed this series and now it's over. Oh well, I might try to pick up his other series, The Red Pyramid, but when I tried to read it before I just wasn't into it. Ugh.




Thank you Rick for this wonder series. I loved it and will share it with any little brats I have in the future.